Accordion-style solar array built to withstand 166 mph winds.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 3, 2024
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Australian company 5B has developed a groundbreaking modular solar array that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including wind speeds of up to 166 mph. This accordion-style solar array is not only resilient but also versatile, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including off-grid, remote, commercial, and industrial settings.

The Innovative Design of 5B’s Modular Solar Array

The modular solar arrays developed by 5B are designed to be robust and durable, with each array capable of achieving 98% more energy yield per unit area compared to single-axis tracker systems. These arrays are prefabricated and pre-wired at a factory in Adelaide, allowing for quick and efficient deployment in the field. The unique design of the 5B Maverick arrays, with up to 90 solar modules mounted on hinged racks, ensures maximum energy production even in harsh environmental conditions.

Deployment in Hurricane-Prone Regions

5B’s modular solar arrays have been selected for a 69-megawatt solar + storage project in Jobos, Puerto Rico, a hurricane-prone region in western Puerto Rico. The project, awarded by US power utility AES Corporation, includes 100 MW of battery energy storage, making it a significant step towards increasing renewable energy capacity in the area. The ability of 5B’s solar arrays to withstand wind speeds of up to 166 mph makes them an ideal choice for regions prone to extreme weather events.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

By providing a reliable and efficient source of renewable energy, 5B’s modular solar arrays contribute to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. These arrays offer a sustainable energy solution that can be deployed in a wide range of settings, from remote locations to industrial facilities. The compact design and high energy yield of the 5B Maverick arrays make them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for solar energy projects.

Maximizing Solar Deployment Efficiency

Utility-scale solar deployment in Puerto Rico has faced challenges due to bureaucratic delays and infrastructure rebuilding following hurricanes. The innovative design and rapid deployment capabilities of 5B’s modular solar arrays have the potential to accelerate solar deployment in the region. By streamlining the installation process and increasing energy yield, these arrays can help meet the growing demand for renewable energy in Puerto Rico.

Empowering Communities with Solar Energy

With the rise of distributed solar energy systems in Puerto Rico, the addition of utility-scale solar projects can further enhance the resilience and sustainability of the region’s energy infrastructure. By combining rooftop solar installations with large-scale solar arrays like the ones developed by 5B, Puerto Rico can continue to transition towards a cleaner and more reliable energy future. The versatility and durability of 5B’s solar arrays make them a valuable asset for empowering communities with renewable energy solutions.

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