No vote on wind, solar projects for local government authority.

By Oliver Townsend May 29, 2024
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When it comes to renewable energy projects like wind and solar farms, the issue of local government authority is a hot topic of debate. Recently, a proposal by the group Citizens for Local Choice aimed to give control of wind and solar farms back to local governments in Michigan. However, this proposal will not be on the November ballot this year due to a lack of signatures.

The Proposal and Its Impact

The Citizens for Local Choice group sought to return control over wind and solar farms to local governments, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in such projects. However, a law signed last year now allows the Michigan Public Service Commission to approve large-scale developments, shifting some authority away from local governments.

Opponents of this change had a limited time to collect signatures to get their proposal on the ballot, but they fell short of the required number. Despite this setback, the group remains committed to their cause and plans to focus on a 2026 ballot initiative.

Looking Ahead to 2026

While the Citizens for Local Choice campaign did not secure a spot on the 2024 ballot, they are optimistic about their future efforts. The group has mobilized volunteers across the state and collected thousands of petitions, demonstrating strong support for the cause of restoring local control over wind and solar operations.

By leveraging the legal timeframe for collecting signatures, the group aims to reenergize their campaign and secure a spot on the 2026 ballot. This continued effort reflects their dedication to advocating for local government authority in renewable energy projects.

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