BayWa r.e. and VELUX shine with Spanish Agri-PV project opening.

By Oliver Townsend May 29, 2024
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BayWa r.e. and VELUX have successfully completed their first Spanish Agri-PV project, marking a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector. The project, a 54 MWp solar farm, is designed to meet the renewable power needs of the VELUX Group in Europe and is now fully operational in Spain. This innovative project integrates renewable electricity production, agriculture, and biodiversity, setting a new standard for sustainable energy initiatives.

The Partnership: BayWa r.e. and VELUX

In November 2022, the VELUX Group and BayWa r.e. entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) to develop two large solar PV farms in southern Spain. The completion of the Alhendín solar farm is a significant step towards achieving VELUX’s goal of 100% renewable electricity for its European operations. With over 85,000 solar panels, the farm produces 96.8 GWh of electricity annually, equivalent to powering 24,700 households.

The Agri-PV Concept: A Game-Changer

The Alhendín solar farm represents a pioneering Agri-PV installation, combining renewable energy generation with agriculture. Approximately 10% of the farm is designated for farming activities, showcasing the integration of solar farms with nature and community for mutual benefits. This unique approach emphasizes the importance of climate action and biodiversity, aligning with VELUX’s commitment to sustainability.

Solar Plant Symbiosis: Fostering Biodiversity

The solar plant symbiosis initiative at the Alhendín farm includes various measures to enhance biodiversity and community involvement. Partnering with Spanish universities, the project focuses on baseline studies, digitalization, agri-PV pilots, grass planting, wildlife refuges, and habitat improvement. These efforts aim to create a sustainable model for solar projects and promote environmental stewardship.

Future Outlook: Creating Sustainable Energy Solutions

Looking ahead, BayWa r.e. and VELUX plan to replicate the success of the Alhendín farm with the Gerena solar farm, expected to be completed in 2025. Once operational, both solar plants will generate 167 GWh of renewable electricity annually, significantly reducing VELUX’s carbon footprint. By implementing innovative strategies like Agri-PV and engaging in community-driven initiatives, BayWa r.e. and VELUX are paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.

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