Renewable energy: Are you in style or saving the earth?

By Oliver Townsend May 28, 2024
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Renewable energy has become a significant focus in Azerbaijan, with plans to collaborate on a green energy corridor project with Georgia. This initiative involves transporting renewable electricity to European countries via a cable laid on the Black Sea’s seabed. While Azerbaijan has recently inaugurated several solar and wind power stations, some experts believe that decisions in this sector may be driven more by fashion than rationality.

Renewable Energy Trends Worldwide

The production of renewable electricity worldwide is crucial but sometimes follows trends rather than sound decision-making. Many countries have fallen into the trap of depending on solar and wind energy equipment that they do not produce themselves, leading to energy dependence. Additionally, the location of solar and wind energy production stations on lands suitable for agriculture can raise concerns about land usage.

Azerbaijan’s Green Energy Initiatives

Azerbaijan has joined the global trend towards renewable energy, with projects that receive support from various organizations. While these projects can create economic opportunities and new jobs, some decisions, like allocating agricultural land for solar power stations, have raised questions. Experts suggest utilizing saline lands for solar panels instead of fertile agricultural areas to make the projects more logical and sustainable.

Challenges and Solutions in Renewable Energy

One challenge in renewable energy development is the reliance on foreign countries for equipment and expertise. To address this, experts recommend increasing local production and training programs to build self-sufficiency. They also propose legislative changes to promote the installation of solar panels on roofs with state support, allowing citizens to generate and sell electricity.


While Azerbaijan’s focus on renewable energy presents opportunities for economic growth and sustainability, the country must ensure that decisions are pragmatic, systematic, and forward-thinking. By addressing challenges such as energy dependence and land usage, Azerbaijan can create a more sustainable and self-sufficient renewable energy sector for the future.

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