Mali and NovaWind team up for 200 MW solar project.

By Oliver Townsend May 28, 2024
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As Mali faces challenges with its electricity supply, President Assimi Goïta has initiated a groundbreaking project to address the ongoing crisis. By partnering with NovaWind, a Russian company specializing in renewable energy, Mali is embarking on the construction of a 200 MW photovoltaic solar power plant. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the country’s energy sector and is expected to have a transformative impact on Mali’s power generation capabilities.

President Goïta’s Vision for Energy Transformation

President Goïta recently laid the foundation stone for the solar power plant in Sanankoroba, a region near Bamako, Mali’s capital. This project, spanning over 314 hectares, is set to become the largest solar power plant in sub-Saharan Africa. The partnership with NovaWind underscores Mali’s commitment to diversifying its energy mix and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. With an investment of €200 million from NovaWind, the plant aims to contribute 10% of Mali’s total electricity supply once operational.

Driving Economic Growth and Sustainability

The collaboration between Mali and NovaWind represents a significant step towards achieving a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for the country. By harnessing the power of solar energy, Mali is not only addressing its immediate electricity needs but also laying the groundwork for long-term economic growth and environmental preservation. President Goïta’s leadership in spearheading this initiative highlights the government’s proactive approach to energy transformation and its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its citizens.

Expanding Renewable Energy Infrastructure

In addition to the 200 MW solar power plant, Mali has also approved the construction of a 50 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant in Tiakadougou-Dialokoro. This project, developed in partnership with Emirati company Amea Power, further demonstrates Mali’s dedication to expanding its renewable energy infrastructure and embracing sustainable practices. By leveraging public-private partnerships and international collaborations, Mali is paving the way for a greener and more resilient energy sector.

Empowering Mali’s Energy Landscape

The partnership between Mali and NovaWind for the 200 MW solar power plant initiative represents a significant milestone in the country’s energy transformation journey. By investing in solar energy and embracing renewable sources of power, Mali is not only addressing its current electricity challenges but also positioning itself as a leader in sustainable energy development. President Goïta’s vision for a cleaner and more sustainable future is coming to fruition through strategic partnerships and bold initiatives that will shape Mali’s energy landscape for years to come.

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