GE Vernova signs exciting Turkish solar supply contract.

By Oliver Townsend May 28, 2024
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GE Vernova Inc. has recently signed a contract with Kalyon PV to supply its FLEXINVERTERTM solar power station, along with design and engineering services, to Kalyon PV in Viransehir, Turkey. This partnership is a significant step towards advancing Turkey’s clean energy transition and promoting sustainable practices in the region. The collaboration between GE Vernova and Kalyon PV aims not only to provide renewable energy solutions but also to create employment opportunities and contribute to Turkey’s energy independence.

GE Vernova’s Commitment to Clean Energy

GE Vernova’s solar power station is set to power Kalyon Enerji’s 157 MW solar photovoltaics (PV) factory, positioning Kalyon Enerji as one of the pioneering companies in Turkey to manufacture solar panels using 100% renewable electricity. This initiative aligns with Turkey’s goal of increasing renewable energy usage and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. The project highlights GE Vernova’s dedication to sustainable energy practices and its role in driving the adoption of clean energy technologies in Turkey.

Empowering Industries with Renewable Solutions

Kalyon PV’s solar power plant in Viransehir represents a shift towards producing captive power at a utility scale for self-consumption through PV projects. By focusing on industries seeking to leverage solar energy for their operations, GE Vernova and Kalyon PV are supporting the growth of renewable hybrid projects and large-scale storage solutions. The comprehensive financing options offered by GE Vernova, including support from export credit agencies, aim to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy technologies in the energy sector.

Building on Past Success

This recent collaboration builds upon an existing relationship between GE Vernova and Kalyon Enerji, following the successful execution of the Karapinar solar power plant project. The Karapinar facility, powered by GE Vernova’s FLEXINVERTERTM solar technology, is Turkey’s largest single source of solar power. The project, part of Turkey’s Renewable Energy Resources Zones (YEKA) program, demonstrates the effectiveness of leveraging renewable energy sources to meet the country’s energy demands.

Expanding Renewable Energy Solutions

GE Vernova’s continued efforts in the region, coupled with Kalyon PV’s commitment to sustainable practices, signify a significant step towards expanding renewable energy solutions in Turkey. By combining expertise, technology, and financing options, the collaboration aims to accelerate the transition to clean energy and promote the development of renewable projects across various industries.

Driving Sustainable Growth in Turkey

The partnership between GE Vernova and Kalyon PV represents a strategic alliance focused on advancing clean energy initiatives and supporting industries in Turkey. By providing innovative solar solutions, financing support, and engineering services, the collaboration aims to drive sustainable growth, create job opportunities, and enhance Turkey’s energy landscape. This partnership underscores the importance of investing in renewable energy technologies to build a more sustainable and resilient future for Turkey.

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