First Solar Stock (NASDAQ:FSLR): Low priced, AI usage boosts value.

By Oliver Townsend May 28, 2024
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First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) is a global solar energy solutions provider that is currently undervalued in the market, despite its potential to benefit from the booming AI sector. The company recently experienced a significant surge in its stock price following positive analyst actions and China’s pledge to support the solar industry. This article explores the reasons why First Solar is a compelling investment opportunity, especially in light of the increasing demand for renewable energy driven by AI technology.

The AI Opportunity for First Solar

As generative AI systems become more prevalent, the demand for electricity to power these systems is expected to rise significantly. This presents a unique opportunity for companies like First Solar, as governments and large corporations are increasingly focused on achieving carbon-neutral goals. With the U.S. pledging to reduce carbon emissions and companies like Microsoft and Apple committing to carbon neutrality, there is a growing need for sustainable energy sources.

First Solar is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend by providing solar energy solutions that cater to the increasing demand for electricity. The company’s investments in expanding its manufacturing capacity and developing advanced solar technology further enhance its growth prospects in the AI-driven energy market.

Investing for Growth

First Solar has been actively expanding its manufacturing capacity in the U.S. to meet the rising demand for solar power. By investing in new technologies and innovation, the company aims to improve cost efficiencies and profit margins. Additionally, First Solar’s plans to launch a perovskite development line and an innovation center demonstrate its commitment to staying ahead in the renewable energy sector.

China’s Support for the Solar Sector

China’s recent decision to crack down on below-cost pricing of solar equipment materials is a positive development for established solar companies like First Solar. By addressing the issue of oversupply in the market, China’s intervention is expected to benefit global players with a solid market presence. As a respected industry leader, First Solar stands to gain from the Chinese government’s efforts to stabilize pricing in the solar sector.

Analysts’ Outlook on First Solar

Analysts are bullish on First Solar’s prospects, with UBS, Piper Sandler, JPMorgan, and Susquehanna all raising their price targets for the stock. These analysts expect strong earnings growth for First Solar in the coming years, driven by increased demand for solar energy solutions. Despite the current average price target suggesting a downside risk, recent upgrades indicate growing confidence in First Solar’s ability to capitalize on the renewable energy market.

First Solar is currently trading at a low forward P/E ratio, making it an attractively valued investment opportunity. With the projected growth in earnings per share and the company’s strategic positioning in the AI-driven energy sector, First Solar presents a compelling case for long-term investors.


First Solar’s combination of undervaluation, growth potential in the AI sector, and strong market positioning make it a promising investment opportunity. As the demand for renewable energy continues to rise, companies like First Solar are well-equipped to benefit from the shift towards sustainable energy sources. By investing in First Solar, investors can gain exposure to a company with a solid track record in the solar energy industry and significant growth prospects in the evolving AI-driven energy market.

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