B.C. and feds fuel First Nations’ clean energy projects.

By Oliver Townsend May 28, 2024
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Investing in clean energy projects for First Nations communities is not only a step towards a more sustainable future but also a way to empower Indigenous communities and support economic growth. The recent announcement of $9.8 million in funding from the federal and British Columbia governments towards clean-energy projects for 35 First Nations throughout B.C. is a significant step in the right direction. This funding is part of the BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI), a partnership between the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, and New Relationship Trust (NRT).

Supporting Indigenous Clean Energy Initiatives

The $9.8 million investment in clean-energy projects highlights the commitment of both the federal and provincial governments to support Indigenous communities in their transition to renewable energy sources. By providing funding for projects such as rooftop solar installations, residential heat pumps, and large-scale wind generation, these initiatives are not only promoting clean energy but also creating new opportunities for Indigenous communities across the province.

New Funding Stream for Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects

In addition to the current funding, the province, NRT, and PacifiCan are working on designing a new funding stream for small-scale renewable energy projects. This new stream aims to support projects that are currently ineligible to submit to BC Hydro’s calls for power due to their size. With an investment of $140 million announced in June 2023, this initiative will allow smaller projects to contribute to the power grid and further advance Indigenous clean energy initiatives.

Enhancing Indigenous Clean Energy Development

The support for First Nations clean-energy projects not only benefits the environment but also strengthens Indigenous communities’ capacity to develop sustainable energy solutions. By investing in clean energy initiatives, the federal and provincial governments are fostering partnerships with Indigenous communities and empowering them to lead the way towards a greener and more resilient future.

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