9 out of 10 Hawaiʻi residents are craving more renewable energy.

By Oliver Townsend May 27, 2024
Survey: 9 in 10 Hawaiʻi residents want more renewable energy.jpegOrginal image from: https://www.hawaiipublicradio.org/local-news/2024-05-27/survey-9-in-10-hawaii-residents-want-more-renewable-energy

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ulupono Initiative, it was found that an overwhelming 9 out of 10 residents in Hawai’i are in favor of expanding renewable energy sources in the state. The survey, which targeted 2,000 adult residents across the islands, revealed that over 90% of the participants support the growth of renewable energy. This strong public sentiment highlights the importance of renewable energy in the eyes of the community.

Support for Renewable Energy Expansion

When looking at the breakdown of support by type of renewable energy and island, the survey showed that more than half of the participants are in favor of increased solar and wind energy production. However, fewer than half expressed the same level of support for expanding geothermal energy or fossil fuels. This data indicates a clear preference for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources among the residents of Hawai’i.

Insights from Ulupono Initiative

Michael Colón, the director of energy at Ulupono, emphasized the importance of understanding the community’s stance on different energy technologies. He highlighted that knowing which technologies are accepted by the residents can guide the state in pursuing renewable energy initiatives effectively. By involving communities in the decision-making process, Hawai’i aims to develop energy plans that align with the preferences and values of the people.

Comprehensive Survey on Energy

Ulupono Initiative stated that the survey they conducted could be considered one of the most comprehensive studies on energy in Hawai’i. By gathering insights from a significant number of residents across the state, the organization has provided valuable data that can inform future energy policies and initiatives in the region. The overwhelming support for renewable energy signals a collective desire for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in Hawai’i.

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