Amazon powers the desert with AI at solar farm site.

By Oliver Townsend May 26, 2024
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Amazon recently announced the full operation of its first solar farm-plus-battery energy storage project in the High Desert area. This project, located in Baldy Mesa near Adelanto, is one of the largest DC-coupled solar plus storage facilities in California. The solar panels at the Baldy Mesa solar farm are converting sunlight into clean energy and sending it into the grid. To address the variability of renewable energy availability, a massive battery energy storage system near the solar panels stores excess electricity for later use, ensuring a continuous power supply.

The Role of AI in Solar Energy

Amazon’s solar farm utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the charging and discharging of the battery unit, maximizing energy efficiency. This AI-powered technology helps manage the transition to carbon-free energy and plays a crucial role in combating climate change. According to Kara Hurst, Amazon’s vice president of Worldwide Sustainability, AI is a vital tool in driving the shift towards sustainable energy solutions. The solar farm is part of Amazon’s larger initiative to develop solar energy projects paired with battery storage systems, with a total capacity of nearly 1.5 gigawatts.

Amazon’s Renewable Energy Projects

In addition to the Baldy Mesa solar farm, Amazon is also working on the Bellefield project near Mojave, which is the largest planned solar-plus-storage project in the U.S. Furthermore, Amazon has installed its first rooftop solar array combined with a battery storage unit at the San Bernardino Air Hub. All ten of Amazon’s renewable energy projects, located in California and Arizona, are supporting various Amazon operations, including fulfillment centers, office buildings, and data centers. These projects are essential in reducing Amazon’s carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

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