Latin American solar startups shine with $750M+ amidst climate actions.

By Oliver Townsend May 25, 2024
Latin American Solar Energy Startups Surge with Over $750 Million in Funding Amidst Climate Change Initiatives.pngOrginal image from:

Latin America has seen a surge in solar energy startups, attracting over $750 million in funding amidst growing climate change initiatives. With a focus on renewable energy solutions, these startups are leading the charge in creating cleaner and more sustainable energy options. The EnergyTech Report 2024 by Distrito revealed that Brazil is at the forefront of this investment trend, securing $605.9 million through 61 operations.

The Rise of Energy Startups in Latin America

In Latin America, there are 347 energytech firms, with 55% dedicated to renewable energy solutions like solar panel installations and photovoltaic system credits. The region is also witnessing a rise in startups focused on energy distribution, offering solutions for energy-saving and consumption monitoring. Gustavo Gierun, CEO of Distrito, highlighted the dynamic nature of the energytech segment, driven by regulatory changes, the expansion of the Free Energy Market, and increasing climate initiatives.

Investment Trends and Breakdown

From January to April 2024, energytech startups in Latin America received $113 million in funding, surpassing the previous year’s total. Brazil’s Órigo, a company operating solar parks, secured the highest funding of $346.9 million. Energy distribution remains a key investment category, with $417.3 million raised through 57 rounds. The sector also saw active mergers and acquisitions, signaling a potential uptick in activity for the year.

Key Industry Trends

Latin America is witnessing a shift towards electrification and electric mobility, influenced by the expansion of the Chinese automotive industry. Government initiatives like Brazil’s Rota 2030 program are supporting the development of electric vehicles through technological advancements and tax incentives. Companies are also focusing on the development of long-lasting batteries and microgrids to enhance local energy generation and storage capacity.

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