Zacks Research discusses First Solar’s Q3 2025 earnings (NASDAQ:FSLR)

By Oliver Townsend May 24, 2024
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First Solar, Inc. recently released their Q3 2025 earnings report, prompting a response from Zacks Research on the company’s performance. Analyst A. Dutta revised their Q3 2025 EPS estimates for First Solar, predicting a decrease to $4.99 per share from the previous $5.15 estimate. The consensus estimate for the full-year earnings of First Solar stands at $13.56 per share. This revision follows the company’s latest quarterly earnings results, where First Solar exceeded expectations by reporting $2.20 earnings per share for the quarter. This surpassed analysts’ consensus estimates by $0.30, showcasing the company’s positive performance.

Analyst Insights

Various financial institutions have provided their insights on First Solar’s performance. JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised their price target for First Solar to $262.00 and rated the stock as “overweight.” Conversely, Guggenheim reduced their price target to $356.00 but maintained a “buy” rating. Oppenheimer and Mizuho also adjusted their price targets upwards, reflecting a positive outlook on the company’s growth potential. Overall, the majority of analysts have assigned a buy rating to First Solar, highlighting confidence in the company’s future prospects.

Market Performance

First Solar’s stock performance has been notable, with the company’s share price reaching a 1-year high of $253.99. The stock opened at $249.81 on a recent trading day, showcasing investor confidence. With a market capitalization of $26.74 billion and a strong financial position, First Solar continues to be a key player in the solar technology industry.

Institutional Investments

Several institutional investors have shown interest in First Solar, with recent stake acquisitions and increased holdings. Institutions like Swedbank AB and iA Global Asset Management Inc. have purchased shares, indicating a positive sentiment towards the company’s growth potential. These investments from institutional players underscore the attractiveness of First Solar as an investment opportunity.

Insider Activity

Director Richard D. Chapman recently sold shares of First Solar, indicating insider confidence in the company’s performance. These insider transactions can provide insights for investors and reflect the management’s beliefs in the company’s future growth trajectory. The sale of shares by insiders is often seen as a positive sign, signaling optimism about the company’s outlook.

About First Solar

First Solar, Inc. is a leading solar technology company that offers photovoltaic solar energy solutions globally. The company’s innovative thin film semiconductor technology provides a sustainable alternative to traditional solar modules, positioning First Solar as a key player in the renewable energy sector. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, First Solar continues to drive advancements in solar technology and contribute to a greener future.

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