Scotland wind farm gets the Full Circle Wind turbine service.

By Oliver Townsend May 24, 2024
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Full Circle Wind Services has recently announced a new maintenance contract with Zephyrus Green Energy for the Strathallan Wind Farm Project in Perthshire, Scotland. This long-term contract will focus on providing full-scope operation and maintenance services for four Enercon E-70 turbines. The project marks a significant step towards maintaining and optimizing onshore wind generation in the UK, where new installations present various challenges.

Full Circle Wind Services Collaboration

Full Circle Wind Services will begin servicing the Enercon turbines in May 2024, following the completion of site commissioning. The company’s CEO, Billy Stevenson, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Green Cat Renewables and Zephyrus Green Energy. Stevenson emphasized Full Circle’s expertise and professionalism in multi-brand O&M servicing, highlighting the importance of keeping the turbines in optimal condition to support Scotland’s energy grid.

Innovative Energy Solutions

Green Cat Group’s CEO, Gavin Catto, shared insights into the innovative approach taken at the Strathallan project. The site will eventually incorporate a solar farm and be used for co-located generation of electrolytic hydrogen. Catto mentioned the utilization of second-hand machines and co-located technologies as responses to the evolving needs and economics of the energy industry in Scotland. The long-term partnership between Full Circle and Green Cat Group is expected to be mutually beneficial and contribute to sustainable energy practices.

Scotland’s Renewable Energy Milestones

Scotland’s commitment to renewable energy is evident in the figures from 2023, showing that more than three-quarters of the renewable electricity generated in the country came from wind technologies. With net exports worth an estimated £1.5 billion to other UK nations, Scotland continues to exceed its energy consumption needs. The collaboration between Full Circle Wind Services, Green Cat Renewables, and Zephyrus Green Energy at the Strathallan Wind Farm Project reflects a collective effort to advance sustainable energy practices in the region.

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