Light up your yard with AiDot’s Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlight!

By Oliver Townsend May 24, 2024
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AiDot, a leader in smart home technology, has recently introduced the Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlight, designed for illuminating yards and gardens. This innovative product seamlessly combines convenience, intelligence, and eco-friendliness in a user-friendly device, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor space. With its smart features, solar technology, and easy installation, the Linkind SL5 offers users the ability to customize their lighting experience with access to 16 million colors.

Revolutionizing Smart Lighting

The Linkind SL5 sets itself apart as the first smart solar spotlight that enables group control functionality without the need for hubs or wires. Users can effortlessly link multiple SL5s and control them simultaneously through the AiDot app, allowing for easy management of color, temperature, brightness, and on-off timing. Moreover, the SL5 can sync with music, creating dynamic lighting effects for various outdoor events and occasions.

Advanced Solar Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge solar technology, the SL5 ensures energy efficiency and extended battery life. Featuring PET laminated monocrystalline silicon panels and high-grade batteries, this spotlight delivers consistent illumination throughout the night. With energy conversion rates surpassing industry standards, the SL5 can operate for up to 12 hours in its most power-efficient mode, providing users with long-lasting and sustainable lighting solutions.

Effortless Installation and Versatility

The SL5 boasts a plug-and-play design that enables quick setup without the need for professional installation. Its 180° vertical and 360° horizontal adjustability ensures optimal positioning for solar collection and accent lighting. Whether mounted on a wall or placed on a ground stake, the SL5 offers hardware for both installation options, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

Featuring three operating modes, the SL5 caters to various safety and convenience needs. Motion Detection Mode enhances safety in high-traffic areas, while Luminance Detection Mode activates at dusk for nighttime illumination. Additionally, Light Mode offers continuous lighting for extended periods, ensuring that users can customize their lighting experience based on their specific requirements.

Impressive Specifications and Durability

The SL5 comes equipped with a 1.5W monocrystalline silicon solar panel, an IP65 waterproof rating, and motion, luminance, and steady illumination lighting modes. Users can control the SL5 via the AiDot App through Bluetooth, with access to 43 preset colors and 16 million DIY color options. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, the SL5 features an IP65 weather resistance rating and a durable PET laminated monocrystalline silicon panel, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Kevin Bright, Communications Director of AiDot, highlights the SL5’s ability to transform any outdoor space. Whether hosting a party, setting a scene, or simply enjoying the ambiance, the SL5’s lighting effects and smart features allow users to create the desired atmosphere. The group control and music sync features offer a visually captivating experience synchronized with users’ playlists, enhancing the overall outdoor lighting experience.

Availability and Pricing

The Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlights are available in packs of 2 or 6, priced at $44.99 and $125.99 on Amazon, respectively. Users can enjoy additional savings during the Memorial Day period, with discounts of up to 23% off the 6-pack and 15% off the 2-pack using exclusive coupons and promotional codes. With its innovative features and competitive pricing, the Linkind SL5 is a versatile and eco-friendly lighting solution for any outdoor space.

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