JPMorgan reveals top clean energy picks for 2024.

By Oliver Townsend May 24, 2024
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In today’s rapidly changing world, the clean energy sector is facing a period of volatility and uncertainty. With interest rates expected to remain higher for longer and the upcoming U.S. presidential election adding to the mix, navigating the clean energy landscape can be challenging. However, according to analysts at JPMorgan, the industry is still experiencing growth and opportunities that should not be overlooked.

Key Considerations for Clean Energy Investments

Despite the challenges ahead, there are key factors driving the clean energy sector forward. The role of renewables in powering data centers is gaining recognition, and benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act have not yet been fully reflected in stock prices. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to capitalize on the growth potential of the clean energy market.

Top Picks for the Rest of 2024

JPMorgan analysts have identified two smaller, lesser-known companies as their top picks for the rest of the year. Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure and TPI Composites are leading the pack, with promising growth prospects in the renewable energy space. Hannon Armstrong specializes in financing renewable projects, while TPI Composites focuses on building blades for wind turbines. Both companies have shown significant growth in recent months and are poised for further success.

Hannon Armstrong’s ability to navigate the current interest rate environment sets it apart from its competitors. The company’s diversified asset portfolio and strategic approach to securitizations make it an attractive investment option. With a market yield of 5.2%, Hannon Armstrong offers investors a stable income stream and growth potential.

On the other hand, TPI Composites has faced challenges due to the downturn in wind energy caused by higher interest rates. However, the company is expected to see a recovery in the second half of the year, driven by existing contracts and improving customer demand. With a focus on value investing, TPI Composites is positioned to outperform its peers in the alternative energy sector.

Solar Stocks Outlook

When it comes to solar energy, utility-scale projects are still in high demand, with companies like Nextracker and First Solar leading the way. Nextracker, a key player in the sun tracking market, is expected to experience steady growth over the next five years. First Solar, with its strong backlog and strategic positioning, is also projected to see positive outcomes in the coming years.

While the solar sector is experiencing growth, increased competition and market dynamics pose challenges for companies like First Solar. However, by strategically positioning themselves and adapting to market changes, solar companies can continue to thrive in the evolving clean energy landscape.


As the clean energy sector undergoes significant changes and uncertainties, investors have the opportunity to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities. By staying informed and strategic in their investment decisions, individuals can navigate the clean energy market with confidence and potentially reap significant rewards. With the right approach and understanding of the market dynamics, clean energy investments can offer long-term growth and sustainability for investors.

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