Vital Signs seals solar deals with Atiaia Energia and Atlas Brasil Energia

By Oliver Townsend May 23, 2024
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V.tal, a prominent infrastructure company focusing on telecommunications and digital services, has recently secured two significant solar energy self-production agreements. These agreements, approved by CADE, entail partnerships with the generators Atiaia Energia and Atlas Brasil Energia.

Agreement with Atiaia Energia

Under the agreement with Atiaia Energia, V.tal will establish two consortia involving a V.tal group company and special purpose companies Sol do Agreste Geração de Energia Ltda. and Solar do Nordeste Energia Renovável Ltda. This collaboration aims to facilitate the self-production project of electrical energy for the shared exploitation of the Sol do Agreste I, IV, and V projects. These photovoltaic complexes, totaling 103 MW, are located in Tacaimbó and São Caetano, Pernambuco, with operations expected to commence in 2026 as per Aneel’s generation expansion monitoring system.

Agreement with Atlas Brasil Energia

The agreement with Atlas Brasil Energia will establish nine consortia for the self-production of electrical energy, enabling shared exploitation of solar plants situated in the photovoltaic complex in Arinos and Buritizeiro, Minas Gerais. Specific details about the involved plants have not been disclosed in public documents.

Completion Pending Approval

It is important to note that the completion of these deals is still subject to approval from Aneel, with the financial terms of the agreements remaining undisclosed.

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