Kingston secures $847K for First Ave solar array project.

By Oliver Townsend May 23, 2024
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Kingston has recently been awarded a substantial grant of $847,000 from the state Energy Research and Development Authority Clean Energy Communities Program. This grant is designated for a solar installation project on city property, specifically on First Avenue. The solar array will be installed at 514-528 First Ave, on an empty city-owned parcel known as the First Avenue Yard. The goal of this project is to generate renewable energy to power over 300,000 kWh of city municipal accounts, aligning with Kingston’s ambition to achieve 100% renewable energy.

City Receives Funding for Solar Array Project

The awarded grants will fund a ground-mount solar array installation, marking a significant step towards energy sustainability for Kingston. Mayor Steve Noble expressed gratitude to NYSERDA for recognizing the importance of municipal solar projects and supporting Kingston’s commitment to progressive initiatives in sustainability. The project is a collaborative effort between the Department of Public Works and the city’s sustainability coordinator, Julie Noble.

Sustainability and Energy Independence

Julie Noble emphasized that the funding for the solar array project accelerates Kingston’s goals for local energy production and energy independence. This initiative represents the city’s largest solar system on municipal property to date, demonstrating a strategic approach to achieving sustainability goals. The project underscores Kingston’s dedication to evaluating alternative energy sources and implementing practical solutions.

Future Plans and Community Impact

Once the necessary approvals are secured, the city will proceed with selecting a contractor for the installation of the ground-mount solar system. The expected timeline for installation is set for 2025, signaling a proactive approach towards renewable energy integration. The positive impact of this project extends beyond environmental benefits, as it also serves to reduce costs for Kingston taxpayers, promoting a more sustainable and economically viable future for the city.

Recognizing Kingston’s Leadership in Sustainability

The funding received by the city acknowledges Kingston’s longstanding commitment to implementing clean energy initiatives. From transitioning the City fleet to electric vehicles to adopting energy-efficient practices like LED streetlights, Kingston has been at the forefront of sustainable development. The solar array project further solidifies Kingston’s position as a leader in promoting environmental responsibility and innovative solutions.

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