Groton Public Schools in Connecticut saving $40,000 with solar energy.

By Oliver Townsend May 23, 2024
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Solar energy is revolutionizing the way schools manage their energy costs, with Groton Public Schools in Connecticut leading the way in saving $40,000 annually through solar installations. The Groton Board of Education partnered with the Connecticut Green Bank to implement solar photovoltaic systems in Groton Middle School and Mystic River Magnet School. These installations are not only saving money but also paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for the community.

Empowering Schools with Solar Solutions

Groton Middle School and Mystic River Magnet School now boast solar panels that are projected to save the district over $800,000 throughout the term of the power purchase agreements. By working with the Connecticut Green Bank’s Solar Municipal Assistance Program, Groton Public Schools received guidance and support to navigate the process of going solar seamlessly. This initiative not only benefits the schools financially but also serves as an educational opportunity for students to learn about renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Supporting Sustainability and Education

The success of the solar installations at Groton Public Schools highlights the importance of collaboration between educational institutions, government entities, and solar developers. By leveraging resources like the Solar Municipal Assistance Program, schools can access funding and expertise to implement solar projects that benefit both the environment and the community. Groton’s commitment to sustainability sets a positive example for other schools and municipalities looking to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint.

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