Data centres go green with Digital Realty and Schneider partnership.

By Oliver Townsend May 23, 2024
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Digital Realty, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, is at the forefront of making data centres more sustainable by securing new power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Spain and France. These agreements include wind and solar projects that will power Digital Realty data centres, aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions in the digital landscape.

Renewable Energy Agreements in Spain

In Spain, Digital Realty signed a comprehensive solar deal with BRUC, comprising three 12-year agreements in Cadiz and Zaragoza. These projects aim to ensure stable, long-term income while supporting the transition to renewable energy to combat climate change. The commitment in Spain represents a significant step towards enhancing the renewable energy pool in Europe.

Wind Energy Deals in France

In France, Digital Realty committed to two 15-year wind energy deals in partnership with wpd. These agreements will provide a reliable renewable energy supply from small wind farms in Bretagne and Hauts-de-France. Grégoire Simon, Wpd’s French Onshore President, emphasized the importance of supporting customers in reducing their carbon footprint through cost-effective and predictable energy supply solutions.

Digital Realty’s Sustainability Goals

At the core of Digital Realty’s operations is a commitment to expanding renewable energy coverage and achieving sustainability goals. This includes making 100% renewable energy available to customers, reaching carbon neutrality for its French data centre portfolio by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality for its entire EU portfolio by 2030. Aaron Binkley, the VP of Sustainability at Digital Realty, highlighted the importance of these agreements in supporting the company’s sustainability strategy.

Schneider Electric’s Role in the Green Transition

Marc Garner, SVP of the Secure Power Division Europe at Schneider Electric, emphasized the significance of these PPAs in driving the green transition in the data centre industry. By supporting energy-intensive industries in adopting renewable power, Schneider Electric plays a crucial role in helping companies reap the financial and sustainability benefits of green innovation. Schneider Electric’s commitment to ESG standards aligns with Digital Realty’s efforts to reduce costs and meet sustainability goals.

Digital Realty and SBTi

Digital Realty’s participation in the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) demonstrates its dedication to reducing emissions and embracing renewable electricity. With all 120 data centres worldwide matched with renewable electricity, 15 renewable energy PPAs executed globally, and approximately 2,200GWh of renewable energy generated annually, Digital Realty is setting a standard for the industry in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.

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