Yara seals ammonia deal with Indian energy giant.

By Oliver Townsend May 22, 2024
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Yara Clean Ammonia, a subsidiary of Norway’s Yara International, has recently signed a term sheet with Greenko ZeroC, part of India’s AM Green, to supply renewable ammonia from AM Green’s production site in India. This agreement aims to provide up to 50% of renewable ammonia from Phase 1 of AM Green’s facility, which is set to start producing and exporting renewable ammonia by 2027. The ammonia supplied will be used for producing low-emission fertilizers and decarbonizing various industries such as shipping, power, and energy-intensive sectors.

Transforming Industries with Renewable Ammonia

The partnership between Yara Clean Ammonia and Greenko ZeroC signifies a significant step towards transforming industries and economies towards sustainability. By utilizing renewable ammonia, the companies are not only addressing environmental concerns but also paving the way for cleaner and more efficient production processes. The use of renewable ammonia in various applications highlights the importance of transitioning towards greener alternatives in the energy sector.

The Impact of the Supply Deal

Mahesh Kolli, President of AM Green, expressed optimism about the deal, stating that it will drive the transformation of industries in OECD economies. This sentiment was echoed by Hans Olav Raen, CEO of Yara Clean Ammonia, who emphasized the importance of expanding their portfolio with renewable energy-produced ammonia. The agreement solidifies Yara Clean Ammonia’s position as a reliable supplier of low-emission ammonia to both established and emerging markets.

The collaboration between Yara Clean Ammonia and Greenko ZeroC is part of a broader strategy to develop one of the world’s largest green ammonia platforms. By ramping up production capacity to five million tonnes per annum by 2030, AM Green aims to establish itself as a key player in the green energy sector. The production of green ammonia equivalent to 1 mtpa of hydrogen underscores the potential of renewable ammonia in driving the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape.

Exploring New Possibilities in Green Energy

Yara’s involvement in exploring enhanced marine transportation of clean ammonia with Japan’s IHI and securing supply deals with companies like ACME in Oman showcases a commitment to advancing green energy solutions. The focus on developing biogenic carbon-based sustainable fuels with partners like Envision Energy International and Keppel Corporation reflects a holistic approach towards promoting eco-friendly alternatives across various industries and regions.

India’s Role in the Ammonia Production Landscape

The initiatives in India to establish new production facilities for ammonia powered by renewable energy sources underscore the country’s growing prominence in the global ammonia market. With strategic partnerships and investments in green energy projects, India is positioning itself as a key player in the transition towards sustainable production practices. The MOUs signed for new production plants in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Karnataka highlight the country’s commitment to expanding its capacity in the green energy sector.

The collaboration between Yara and AM Green, along with the broader developments in the renewable energy landscape, signals a significant shift towards greener and more sustainable practices in the production and utilization of ammonia. As companies continue to embrace renewable sources and innovative technologies, the future of the ammonia industry looks promising in terms of environmental impact and energy efficiency.

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