Introducing the groundbreaking solar-powered Cargo E-Bike, a game changer!

By Oliver Townsend May 22, 2024
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Sunny day bike rides are about to get even better with the introduction of the Inga, a solar-powered cargo e-bike by Infinite Mobility. While there are many cargo e-bikes in the market, the Inga stands out as the first to run on solar power. The innovative design integrates solar panels into the storage box, allowing riders to cover their daily commuting needs with just a few hours of sunlight. This cutting-edge approach to sustainability and mobility is reminiscent of the ambitious Lightyear 2, offering a more achievable solution for eco-conscious riders.

The Solar-Powered Inga: Redefining E-Bike Technology

Unlike the Lightyear 2, the Inga features solar panels integrated into its cargo box, providing up to 50 km of extra range on sunny days. With a 16.5Ah battery and a 100Nm motor, the Inga offers a range of 60 km and a maximum speed of 25km/h. Its cargo capacity of 550 lbs and removable cover make it a practical choice for daily commutes and errands.

Unleashing the Potential of Solar Energy

According to Infinite Mobility, a full day of sun exposure can recharge the Inga’s battery from zero to full, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The company’s plans to develop an app for tracking the bike’s performance and battery health further enhance the user experience, making the Inga a smart choice for eco-conscious riders.

Future Innovations and Expansion

Infinite Mobility’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop with the Inga. The company is already working on a second model, the Løkka, featuring a three-wheel design and an enhanced cargo capacity. With plans to ship prototypes to select bike shops in Europe for feedback, Infinite Mobility is poised to revolutionize the e-bike market with its innovative approach to solar-powered transportation.

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