First Solar shines as top solar company, up 13% amid rivals.

By Oliver Townsend May 22, 2024
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First Solar has recently emerged as the most valuable solar company globally, surpassing its Chinese competitors and achieving a market capitalization of $21.15 billion. This significant milestone comes amidst struggles faced by Chinese solar firms in a price war and trade barriers imposed by the United States. Despite challenges, First Solar’s market capitalization continues to grow, bolstered by the Biden administration’s tariffs on Chinese solar products and support for domestic manufacturers.

Chinese Rivals’ Struggles and US Trade Policies

Chinese solar companies like Longi Green Energy Technology Co. have reported significant losses due to the ongoing price war and US trade restrictions. The Biden administration’s tariffs and the Inflation Reduction Act have played a crucial role in strengthening First Solar’s position in the market. While First Solar may lag behind its Chinese counterparts in production capacity, its strong financial performance and favorable stock outlook have contributed to its rising value.

First Solar Stock Gains Over 13%

First Solar’s stock price has experienced a remarkable 13.44% increase, reaching $240.61. With a market cap of $22.70 billion, the company has shown impressive financial performance with a profit margin of 28.75% and significant returns over the past years. Analysts have set price targets for First Solar ranging from $157.56 to $356.00, with a consensus recommendation of “Strong Buy.” The company’s next earnings report is expected between July 25, 2024, and July 30, 2024.

Key Upgrades for First Solar (FSLR)

First Solar has received several notable upgrades from major financial institutions, including UBS Group, Barclays, Mizuho, Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer, and Jefferies Financial Group. These upgrades have led to an increase in First Solar’s share price and reflect a positive outlook on the company’s future performance. The consensus among analysts is that First Solar remains a solid stock to hold in 2024.


First Solar’s rise as the most valuable solar company globally showcases its ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on market opportunities. With strategic upgrades and a strong financial performance, First Solar continues to attract investor confidence and maintain a positive trajectory in the renewable energy sector. As the company prepares for its next earnings report, all eyes are on First Solar to see how it will further solidify its position as a leading player in the solar industry.

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